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Fletcher Machine is celebrating its 50th year anniversary and continues to stand out because of our exceptional level of service, replacement components, and custom production systems that have kept our customers successfully competitive for decades. We have developed new and exciting designs with numerous advancements in addition to some industry standards. We constantly search for innovative ideas to build on our long standing reputation for reliability, loyalty and assembly of the most durable American-made machines in the woodworking, agricultural and plastic industry. By simply clicking on the tabs above you will be able to view our products and services, photos and videos of our machines, parts and services that we offer and much more information to inform you about our continuing success at Fletcher Machine.



  •  Bluff Cut Machine 1
  •  Bluff Cut Machine 2
  •  Bluff Cut Machine 3
  •  Edgebander 1
  •  Bluff Cut Machine 4
  •  Slitter 1
  •  Shape and Sand 1
  •  PUR Contour Bander FM 2000-1